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Meaningful change comes when great people align toward a common purpose.  We think meaningful change is needed to improve locum tenens staffing. 


There is often substantial frustration experienced by healthcare organizations, physicians, and agencies during the locum tenens staffing process, and yet each may unknowingly play a role in these issues.  A root problem is that all too often the goals of agencies, healthcare organizations, and physicians are at odds with one another, but they each are still vital to the delivery of quality healthcare. 


We see a path to better... locum tenens staffing can be highly successful, efficient, and create tremendous value for all stakeholders when strong collaborative partnerships are forged, and each partner is actively engaged in creating success for all.  It's a simple concept, and yet surprisingly uncommon in business: when you look out for others, they'll look out for you.


That's the foundation of our business.  We build partnerships that help everyone succeed... because it takes everyone succeeding to achieve great results.  Our partnerships are based on trust and respect, structured to deliver exceptional patient care, and supported by technology that makes it easy for each partner to quickly access the information they need when they need it.
We are LocumsCollective and we will be your liaison through every step of building a locums staffing partnership, from initial assessment and design to ensuring continuous, iterative improvements.  We will make sure we achieve quality matches, implement efficient operational processes, and leverage technologies to make your job easier. 


We'll ensure transparent communication and monitor and provide feedback on our progress toward defined goals.  We'll lead collaboration to find solutions that help everyone succeed, and we'll make it easier for you to do what you do best.  LocumsCollective will facilitate the partnership, but you as a partner will always power it.  


If you would like to hear more or want to be a part of transforming the locums industry, we want to talk with you.

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